Monday, May 28, 2012

Go Boldly On, Little One

She’s six days old, making her debut May 22, 2012. She is my only daughter’s daughter, my one and only grandchild. I adore her without reservation, and my love has no boundaries.

What a joy to see my daughter transfixed by the expressions on her baby’s face. How well I understand her fears, spoken and unspoken, each time her newborn snuffles, sighs, or cries. How proud I am when my daughter reports that her greatest happiness is holding her daughter.

Every adult hovers, reciprocating each little smile as some pleasant dream skips across my granddaughter's mind. We also mirror every frown, pout, and gesture. Everyone wants to hold her.

Thus far, she welcomes others into her tiny circle. She has nothing to fear, but fears will come, we know. We also know that we’ll empathize and assure her that everything will be okay.

For now, she needs her mommy, the nurturer and nourisher, more than anyone else. She knows her mommy’s voice best, but her daddy’s voice comforts her as well. She’s tuning her ear to all those other friends, well-wishers, grandparents, aunts, and cousins. She’s tuned out the dog and cat; having heard so much from them during her time in the womb, they do not intrude upon her dreams now. She sleeps peacefully in the knowledge that love is hers, and she will never lack for it nor need to work for it. She has mine, theirs, ours.

The world lies before her, so precious, so new. Go boldly on, little one. We are right behind you.